Members of the public coming to support the Parramatta Female Factory

Enlightened Lawyers

We are firmly of the view that not only is the factory site worthy of World heritage Site Status because of its antiquity and the fact that it is intimately and inextricably bound up wit the origins of the colony of New South Wales and therefore Australia, but also because the stamp of world heritage status will ensure that proper provision is made for the conservation…
Lynette Judge, Chair, Lachlan Macquarie Chambers (on behalf of Lachlan Macquarie Chambers)

Australian Workers

The Parramatta Female Factory Building deserves respect. And the stories told of cruelty, death, exploitation, and suffering that abound within the building deserves respect. The Parramatta Female Factory should be retained as a historical site for all to see as part of our Colonial heritage and European settlement. It is an important part of how we became the Australia nation we are today.
Vince Ashton, CRUMA

The history of the Parramatta Female Factory is significant to many Australians, and is too important to suffer demolition due to neglect. Too many Australian Historic Sites are gone. The human history of the Parramatta Female Factory reveals much about the Australian identity and psyche, and it deserves only the upmost level of respect. We are not alone in our strong belief, that the Parramatta Female Factory Site deserves both National Heritage listing and World heritage Listing.
John Koch CFMEU Retired Members Association

Enlightened Political Representation

In my opinion, the site is one of the most significant historical sites in Australia, particularly women. That it was commissioned by Governor Macquarie, designed by Francis Greenway and built very close to the cradle of Modern Australia – the place where Governor Phillip found fertile ground to sustain the Colony in 1789 – makes it a sit of extraordinary significance. But the experiences and stories of the women and girls who were housed there are equally significant and it is these experiences and stories that make the site truly special.
Hon. Julie Owens MP, Federal Member for Parramatta