There were 24,960 women transported to the early Australian colonies. An estimated 9,000 convict women went through the factory system of which approximately 5, 000 went through the Parramatta Female Factory. An estimated 1 in 5 to 1 in 7 Australians are related to the female factory women.

With the first Female Factory above the Parramatta Gaol (now demolished), this factory was the model for other 11 female factories in the colony. These women went on to help make the nation as the pioneer mothers, business women, farmers, teachers and so much more. It was built by convict men, for convict women and the children who were with them. It was commenced in 1818 and the first women were transferred there in February 1821. It is also the site of possibly the first female workers riot in Australia (1827) and one of the earliest factories in the Colony. The factory closed in 1848.

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