About Us

The Parramatta Female Factory Friends has grown out of community action to protect, conserve and bring the Parramatta Female Factory to all Australians. We do this through advocacy, site monitoring, female factory research, tours, talks, education activates and celebrations. We welcome anyone to join us who shares the same aims as a in our charter which is to:


1. Protect, preserve and conserve the site and all its provenance according to the Burra Charter.


2. Advocate for the Female Factory Precinct for Unesco World Heritage Site Status.


3. Ensure that the precinct is listed and remains on local state and national heritage registers.


4. To work in conjunction with other organisations for major future planning and strategic opportunities, in particular, those responsible for companion sites such as the Parramatta Gaol, Parramatta Park Old King School and the Roman Catholic Orphanage.


5. Advocate the establishment of a joint state and national statutory authority as custodian and manager who will:
a) Develop and manage the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct as a cultural, tourism and learning place of international significance.
b) Manage, conserve, interpret and promote this site for the people of Australia in accordance with the guidelines of the Burra Charter and at the highest possible professional standard.
c) Raising awareness of the value of and risks to the Female Factory site.
d) To undertake and promote historical research in order to share the historical value of the two sites and to pass on the heritage of this irreplaceable site to future generations.
e) To manage and promote the site in spirit of equality as a meeting place where all can access, share and understand our history and our Australian identity, past and present.
f) To provide staff and budgets to conserve and maintain the site in accordance with 5. a-e